Why learn with Luke?

Tai Chi Guildford

Former Hospital Doctor and Tai Chi Champion

Luke started his career as medical doctor in China and has been practising Tai Chi for over thirty years. Luke was also Tai Chi champion, twice, in Beijing.


Tai Chi classes to support health and wellbeing 

After completing his MBA at the University of Surrey, Luke founded Tai Chi Guildford in 2009 to focus on providing holistic Tai Chi services. Teaching Tai Chi to classes and individuals for physical and mental health & wellbeing.


Western science and Chinese tradition combined

What sets Luke apart from many other approaches to Tai Chi is that he combines his western medical training with his proven Tai Chi expertise to provide a quality, holistic service.

Like to find our more about Luke? Click here for a short newspaper article. 

Did you know?

All medical students in China study and practise Tai Chi as part of their training to be a doctor in western medicine?  Luke graduated from Shandong medical university to become a doctor. This is when he first started practising Tai Chi.

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