Tai Chi

Tai Chi Guildford

Tai Chi is growing in popularity in the UK

But what is Tai Chi?

A search of the internet suggest it is many things. Sometimes a bit odd, confusing or very off putting!


Walking meditation

Tai Chi is straightforward to explain. It is essentially slow, gentle physical movements. An ideal way to keep fit. As you focus on these movements, not only is your body benefitting, but it can also help many people to relax. This is why sometimes Tai Chi is called “walking meditation”.



Most public classes are made up of beginners as well as people that have done Tai Chi for a few more years.


Each class lasts around an hour and starts with a warm up – simple movements to stretch and get your body and mind ready for the class.


We then practise some core Tai Chi positions – these are building blocks to learning more movements. However, many people find these core positions very beneficial in their own right – especially as they practise them more.

The Form

For those that want to we also learn and practise a “Form”. A Form is basically a sequence of Tai Chi movements and positions.  Click here for a taste of the Tai Chi "56" Form.


Many people enjoy just a weekly class, others also like to combine this with practise at home too.

A while ago the BBC's Dr Michael Mosley took a look at Tai Chi. Did you see it?

Did you know?

People sometimes refer to Tai Chi as an internal martial art. That’s because centuries ago it was for

fighting, in China. But over 100s of years it has developed from those origins to now become a form of

gentle, slow exercise which benefits our health and wellbeing – leave that karate chop at home!


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